About the Writer

Hello and thank you for visiting my first blog post. My name is Ryan Leighton and I am a senior standing Exercise Science Major currently attending West Virginia Wesleyan College. My goals in life include furthering my education through graduate school where I plan to achieve a Masters in Business Management. Along with my Exercise Science degree, it is my dream to use this Masters in Business Management to open my own fitness center that revolutionizes the fitness industry. With West Virginia being the leading state in many negative categories (obesity, diabetes, etc.) there is a need for a facility that is affordable and can make more people want to achieve a higher level of fitness. The reason most businesses fail, especially fitness centers, has a lot to do with management and marketing. Although it is my goal to create the best environment for my members, it is also essential for me to make enough money to with stain the cost associated with that great environment. Due to this, I have elected to gain a Minor in Business and to finish this off I am enrolled in Sports Marketing.


Although my goal and aspirations lead toward the field of fitness, this blog will be directed towards that of sports marketing. Throughout the semester this blog will be updated weekly with posts regarding comparisons of marketing strategies, sales, and how brands themselves are used to market. Marketing happens to be something that I’m not currently fluent in so there will be a learning curve. With that being said, due to the nature of my plans post-graduation, it is impertinent for me to gain knowledge in this field and I believe I will have a great amount of pleasure doing so, hope everyone enjoys!


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